A group is an intentional gathering of a few people who meet together on a regular basis with the common purpose of growing in their faith and in their love for God and others.




  1. Sunday Morning Groups.  Sunday Life Groups are available in the modular classrooms behind the worship center.  You will enjoy these life groups if you are comfortable with a classic Sunday School or Sunday morning Bible Study format.

  1. Life Groups other than Sunday Morning.  Life Groups meet in homes, restaurants, or at the church building on different days of the week. Life Groups use a variety of biblically-based studies, but are relationship-driven.

  1. Life Courses. Life Courses are curriculum-driven, short term classes (one day to a few weeks) designed to help you learn how to grow in your knowledge and love for the Lord, and to live out your faith in practical and effective ways.

  1. Life Interest Groups.  Life Interest Groups are for people who share the same interest to intentionally meet together around that interest in order to encourage one another to experience real life in Christ.


Looking for more information on how to get connected in a Gateway Life Group? Send an email to taggw@gatewaybc.com or call the church office at 803-732-0590 to get in touch!

Gateway Groups

  • Sunday Morning 8:30AM

    It Starts at Home (Parenting): M302. Jon O’Neal. For adults 30+.

    Various Studies: M305. Scott Schwenk. For adults 30+.

    Various Studies: M309. Jeremy White. For adults 30+.

  • Sunday Morning 9:45AM

    1 and 2 Corinthians: M301. Ronald Flynn. For adults 45+.

    Colossians/Philemon: M303. Mary Ballentine. For women 30+.

    Various Studies: M304. Lance Lockman and Reid Radtke. For adults 30+.

    Bible Study: M305. Joel Baker. For all adults.

    Bible Study: M306. Sojourner’s Class (led by a teaching team). For adults 50+.

    Romans: M307. Pat Loper. For women 40+.

    Acts: M308. Gary Breter. For adults 50+.

    James: M309. Craig and Nina Ellison. For adults 30+.

    James: Conference Rm (in the Ed. Bldg.). David Kennedy. For adults 30+.

  • Sunday Morning 11:00AM

    Interested in starting a group that meets at this time? Send an email to Tagg Wolverton, Discipleship Pastor, at taggw@gatewaybc.com!

  • Sunday Night

    Various Studies: 6:00p in E201. Jeremy Lloyd. For adults 30+.

    Bible Study: 6:00p at the Nettles home. Jerome Gathers. For adults 40+.

    What the Bible Teaches: 6:30p at the Germany home. Larry Germany. For adults 40+.

    Prayer Group: 7:00p in E207. Campbell McInnes. Open to everyone.

  • Monday

    Various Studies: 12:00 noon. The social hall at Woods Edge Apts (109 Hipline Rd.). Judy McPherson. For women.

  • Tuesday

    Men’s Prayer Group: 8:00a. Panera Bread. Campbell McInnes. For men.

    Finding I Am (by Lisa TerKeurst): 9:30a. E201. Janice Whiteside. For women.

    Ladies’ Prayer Group: 1:30p. The Chapel. Linda Kirby. For women.

    The Gospel of John: 6:00p. E201. Led by a teaching team. For adults 40+.

    Various Studies: 6:00p at the Cavin home. Barry Cavin. For adults 50+.

    Various Studies: 7:00p at the Malyerck home. Michael and Sarah Malyerck. For adults 25+.

    Various Studies: 7:00p at the Dunkelberg home. Doug Dunkelberg. For adults 40+.

    Various Studies: 7:00p at the Yopp home. Brandon Yopp. For adults 20+.

    Finding I Am (by Lisa TerKeurst): 7:00p. E201. Allison Rice. For women.

    Ladies Prayer Group: 7:00p. The Chapel. Linda Douglas. For women.


  • Wednesday

    Ladies Prayer Group: 10:30a. Every other Wednesday at the Kimrey home. Sallie Peters.

    Bible Study: 11:45a. First, second and fourth Wednesday morning at the Wehr home. Jim Peters. For men.

  • Thursday

    Bible Study: Lunch in the Worship Center ($6) with Pastor Don

  • Friday

    Nehemiah: 6:00a. Panera Bread. Jerome Gathers. For men.

    Various Studies: 7:30a. M309. Gary Breter. For men.

  • Saturday

    Genesis: 8:00a. Chick-fil-A. Don Hardie. For men.

  • Life Interest Groups

    Vets for Vets: 6:30p. First and third Tuesday nights. E207. Chuck Johnson and Barry Whiteside. For veterans.

    Men’s Monthly Lunch: 11:45a. Third Wednesday of each month. Sam Reynolds. For men.

    Ladies Dessert Night: 7:30p. Fourth Thursday of each month. Kelly Fawlkes. For women.